Warren Zevon Was Right

    13 Apr 2014


    Hard to listen, hard to read, but it’s good to see the closer we get to Boston. I’m so inspired to be able to go back, so grateful. At the same time, it’s the first time being there since April 15, 2013.  I don’t know how that will feel. I just know I have to do it.

    — Demi Clark

    13 Apr 2014

    “The demographics have shifted, but the dynamics of addiction remain the same: It’s a seductive, destructive, maniacal disease in which euphoric highs and miserable lows render a life unmanageable. In northwest Ohio, heroin-related deaths more than doubled last year — to 80, from 31 in 2012.”

    9 Apr 2014

    Jon Stewart and Matt Taibbi discuss the different treatment afforded to ‘street’ based drug users and white-collar criminals profiting from the drug trade.

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    8 Apr 2014

    “Nothing runs like a Deere,” Yost said in a news release, “but that doesn’t give you the right to buy one on the public dime.”

    7 Apr 2014

    50 years ago, America’s biggest employer was General Motors, where workers made the modern equivalent of $50 dollars an hour. Today, America’s biggest employer is Walmart, where the average wage is eight dollars an hour.

    … And Walmart released their annual report this month, and in it was the fact that most of what Walmart sells is food. And most of their customers need food stamps to pay for it. Meanwhile, Walmart’s owners are so absurdly rich that one of them, Alice Walton, spent over a billion dollars building an art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas… And she said about it, “For years I’ve been thinking about what we can do as a family that can really make a difference.” How about giving your employees a raise, you deluded nitwit?

    BILL MAHER, Real Time

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    7 Apr 2014

    5 Apr 2014

    Laura &Tim, all interested birders:

    The Ironton District on the Wayne is rich in bird life and far less visited by birders than nearby Shawnee State Forest. Species like Black-billed Cuckoo and Summer Tanager and the array of southern warblers are more easily found there.

    Cerulean Warbler hotspots are scattered throughout the area.

    Ample road-birding along low traffic rural and forest roads will reward
    blind exploration of the area (purchase a forest map and take along a
    Delorme Atlas).

    4 Apr 2014


    Sunny has been renewed for an additional 2 seasons, putting the grand total at 12 seasons.

    Season 10 to premiere this fall on FXX.

    4 Apr 2014

    4 Apr 2014

    See ya never!